About Us

OCPA is a Florida registered non-profit organization founded in June 1995 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Chinese professionals in Orlando. Since then, OCPA has established itself as a dynamic and influential organization serving the interests of local Chinese as well as the community at large. OCPA currently is a home to more than 200 Chinese families in the greater Orlando area.
Contact Us
Email: OCPAofficial@gmail.com
Address: 1514 Westcott Loop 
              Winter Spring, FL 32708
2019-2020 工作人员/officers:
理事会/Board Members:
会长:高鹰击 President: Angela Gao
常务副会长:陆焱 Executive President: Yan Lu
副会长:冯闻迁  郭宝剑  邓赛
理事/法律:金美声 Legal Counsel: Echo King
理事/财务:周秀儿  李静  欧阳方晓
理事/会员注册联络:章燕  卢颖  欧阳方晓
理事/秘书及宣传:邓赛 屈琴
理事/对内社团:郭宝剑  程棠 陈华栋
理事/饭食管理:冯闻迁  张劲松
理事/赞助商联络:金美声  屈琴 冯浩 周秀儿
理事/网站管理:陈华栋 Webmaster: Sam Chen
理事/青少年俱乐部:危佳  郭宝剑

理事顾问团/Board Advisors: