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OCPA is a Florida registered non-profit organization founded in June 1995 by a group of dedicated and enthusiastic Chinese professionals in Orlando. Since then, OCPA has established itself as a dynamic and influential organization serving the interests of local Chinese as well as the community at large. OCPA currently is a home to more than 200 Chinese families in the greater Orlando area.

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Email Yan Zhang to littleblueone@hotmail.com to become a member.

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Membership Fee

  • Single: $25 / year

  • Family: $45 / year

We accept Cash or check. Check should be payable to OCPA. 

2018-2019 Board Members:
Yingji (Angela) Gao (高鹰击) President
Shengli Zou (邹胜利) Executive Vice President
Yan Zhang (章燕) Vice President
Wenqian Feng (冯闻迁) Vice President
Yan Lu (陆焱) Vice President
Jing Li (李静) Treasurer
Fangxiao Ouyang (欧阳方晓) Board Member
Sai Deng (邓赛) Board Member
Sijie Li (李思洁) Board Member
Meisheng Jin (金美声) Board Member
Tang Chen (陈棠) Board Member
Jinsong Zhang (张劲松) Board Member
Baojian Guo (郭宝剑) Board Member
Ying Liang (粱英) Board Member
Jia Wei (危佳) Board Member
Ning Wang (王宁) Board Member, Formal President
Shijian Ding (丁士健) Board Member, Principal, Chinese School of Tomorrow
OCPA Advisors:

Cheng Shen (沈城)

Gang Ye (叶刚)

Chengxing Jin (靳长兴)

Honghui Chen (陈宏辉)

Dinghua Shear (谢定华)

Kun (Karen) Deng (邓崑)

2019 Chinese New Year Gala Photos: 

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